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£1399 For one time payment

£1399 FOR MONTHLY INSTALMENTS (Select Manual option at checkout for this option) 


Become a world class Personal Trainer
This course will help you to identify all of the major bones, muscles and muscle actions in the body and how the body’s cardiovascular and energy systems work and how they can be manipulated to boost fitness and health. On top of the theory, you’ll become extremely competent and confident on designing and teaching training programmes to a variety of potential clients including, amongst others, older adults and ante- and post-natal women. 

Plus, on the course you’ll also learn to: Compile a client’s personal profile and Set SMART goals as part of an effective training programme Review, evaluate and adapt personal training programmes to meet clients' lifestyle changes Write periodised programmes using effective cardiovascular and resistance training systems for an individual to meet specific training goals Identify and demonstrate advanced teaching skills including group teaching skills in order to deliver safe and effective exercise programmes Perform a range of specific health and fitness assessments, such as blood pressure, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and body fat percentage Teach a range of effective core stability exercises Review food diaries in order to provide nutritional guidelines based on their individual goals Read and understand food labels and evaluate the claims made by food manufacturers Manage individuals and small groups using suspension training.

This course offers the ideal entry into the world of personal training and primarily focuses on the development of gym-based skills to ensure that you are a competent personal trainer within a gym setting.


Once you have booked onto the course you will recieve a full detailed outline of the course, customised teaching schedule and introduction from your teacher.

Level 3 - Diploma In Personal Training and Instructing (Personal Trainer)

  • Prerequisites
    Over age of 16
    Experience of using cardiovascular equipment; fixed and free weights within a gym environment 


    Format & Assessments
    Intensive 30 days run over 7 weeks plus 3 days assessment (included with the 7 weeks) ​


    Part Time (Weekend) Face-to-Face  20 Week Course

    Practical - you will be required to bring one helper for one  practical assessment, Multiple choice theory papers, Case studies, Knowledge Question, Worksheets.

    YMCA Awards Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
    REPs Entry to REPs at Level 3

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